How to pump up for your first date

Washington, February 11(ANI): If you want to look pumped on your first date, then go for isometrics exercise.

A new research in The International Journal of Vascular Medicine has revealed that isometrics can help inflate the veins in your muscles, Fox News reported.

In the study, some men were made to do four sets of an isometric exercise-holding a forceful muscle contraction without movement-three days a week.

After eight weeks, the U.K. scientists found that the participants' veins were 11 percent wider and their blood pressures also dropped.

"We think that the exercises caused an increase in nitric oxide in their blood," said lead study author Dr. Tony Baross.

For the experiment, the men held an isometric contraction of the leg extension for two minutes, and then rested two minutes. That counted as one set.

But one can also perform isometrics with almost any exercise. For example, hold the down position of a pushup or squat, or the mid-way point of a biceps curl.

Of course, two-minute holds aren't the only way to get a good isometric workout. You can also use a more challenging weight for shorter periods of time, suggests B.J. Gaddour, C.S.C.S.

"It still gives you a great 'pump,' but it's even better for improvements in strength and muscle," he added. (ANI)


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