Pruney fingers give better grip underwater

London, Jan. 9 (ANI): Prune impressions, which appear when fingers are soaked, could be an adaptation that gives us better grip underwater.

Fingers and toes wrinkle due to the constriction of blood vessels after staying underwater for about 5 minutes.

The decrease in volume pulls the skin inward, but as the surface area cannot change, it wrinkles.

A study in 2011 had showed that a pattern of channels were formed by wrinkles to divert water away from the fingertip, which Tom Smulders and his team at Newcastle University, UK, thought could aid grip, New Scientist reported.

The team timed people as they moved wet or dry objects from one box to another with and without pruney fingers.

With wrinkle fingers, wet objects were shift about 12 percent faster than with unwrinkled hands.

The time taken to shift dry objects remained the same regardless of wrinkles. (ANI)


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