Presenting, The Board Game

Bored during your Christmas break? Try our FREE game based on the classic Monopoly!

Ever wanted to know what it feels to control a large cricket empire and be filthy rich?

Fret not – here’s your chance to get a peak into the world of cricket, power and politics. If you're short of a plan for New Year's eve, this might be a fun way to spend the day.

Inspired by the classic game, Monopoly, we’ve created The Board Game – where you get to control city franchises, own stadia and earn cash. [See screenshots of the game]

It's not so simple — your path to the riches will be littered with controversies and disasters of the same kind experienced by real cricket administrators. Think of organisational hassles, match-fixing controversies, keeping babus happy, the works. 

The game also has built-in ethical dilemmas. Would you risk going to jail by accepting bribes? Choose wisely and avoid going bankrupt.

Here’s a picture of the Yahoo! India editorial team during a test run of the game.


The rules were a little different from the original Monopoly but it was still fun and entertaining. — Tenzin

Exciting, innovative, something fresh... — Anirban

This board game will tell you how cricket is played in India. Score and earn! — Skandan


1)    Download this zip file (The Board, 7.1 MB) by going to this link > File > Download.
2)    Extract three more zips and then:
        a.    From Currency, Card,, take one A4 print of all documents inside.
        b.    If you have an A4 printer, print Board – For A4
        c.    But if you have a larger printer, print Board – For Large
3)    Print, cut and assemble the cards as per instructions; set up the board and follow the rulebook.

Play hard, play fair, and send us feedback and suggestions, and even pictures of you playing the game! Our address is