Posting PR info on Facebook during crisis can improve organisation's image: Study

Washington, Sept. 4 (ANI): A new study has revealed that if an organization posts public relations information on social media site Facebook during a time of crisis, it can actually help improve the organisation's image.

The study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri found that Facebook can be used for crisis management as many public relations professionals are using the site more to communicate to the public.

Researchers Seoyeon Hong and Bokyung Kim analysed users' attitude towards a fictitious organization going through crisis and found a shift when posts related to the organization were posted on Facebook.

The researchers found that participants felt the crises were less severe following the Facebook posts. Hong believes these findings show the positive impact Facebook can make in crisis management efforts.

Hong said that the study shows that Facebook can be a valuable tool for public relations professionals when working to solve or lessen the severity of a crisis as Facebook is very personal for its users, well-thought-out crisis management messages can be effective at reaching users on a personal level, which is a powerful way to persuade people to a cause.

Hong also found that Facebook posts written in a narrative style were more effective than posts written in a non-narrative format. Narrative style is chronological and focuses more on story-telling rather than fact listing.

She said that the effect of narrative tone in organizational statements during crises increases perceived conversational human voice, which represents a high level of engagement and best communicates trust, satisfaction, and commitment to the audience.

The researcher further explained that it is an important practice for public relations professionals because perceptions that an organization is sincerely trying to provide timely and accurate information during a crisis can lead to not only more favorable attitudes toward the organization, but also perceptions of less responsibility the organization has for causing the crisis. (ANI)


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