Pentagon expands cyber defence 'five fold' to counter daily attacks

Washington, Feb 6 (ANI): Pentagon has expanded its cyber defence to counter thousands of attacks every day, a report has said.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned in a speech at Georgetown University that a hostile country could attack America by computer.

He pointed out that the Pentagon is 'the target of thousands of cyber attacks every day'.

Panetta said that thousands of cyber attacks are striking at the private sector, Silicon Valley, government, the defense department, an the country's intelligence agencies.

According to CBS News, the Pentagon has set up a cyber command to practice both offense and defense on the computer battlefield.

Now cyber command is expanding five-fold, the report said.

Every day state-sponsored spies, the majority from China, are infiltrating key government and business computer networks inside the United States.

The U.S. Cyber Command estimates American companies are losing 250 billion dollars a year in intellectual property.

General Michael Hayden, who headed the CIA and National Security Agency, and other security analysts warned that critical systems could be knocked out in an attack launched by computers, the report said.

While no U.S. infrastructure has yet been successfully targeted, power grids, transportation systems and financial networks are potentially vulnerable, it added. (ANI)


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