Pangsau Pass winter fest held in Arunachal's Changlang area

Changlang, Feb 5 (ANI): The three-day long Pangsau Pass Winter Festival-2013 was recently celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Arunachal Pradesh.

People from Arunachal Pradesh, and other parts of the north-eastern region, came together to celebrate the Pangsau Pass Winter Festival in Changlang district.

A group of 70 delegates from Myanmar also participated in the three-day long cultural extravaganza. They presented their dances that enthralled the audiences.

On display was a slice of their rich culture which included dances, music and traditional food. Over 40 troupes presented folk dances like Tangsa Rongrang War Dance, Lungchang Dance of Changlang , Wancho Dance, the Assamese Bihu Dance, and the Mizo Bamboo Dance.

"It's very good to celebrate this festival here because it will also boost tourism in Arunachal Pradesh," said Mamun, a resident.

"I have never seen such festival like this before, this is the first time I came here with my family and it's amazing. It's a good festival and at the same time I am enjoying the beautiful scenery," said Agarwal, a visitor.

"We are very happy to get such a great opportunity again to perform here at this festival. We are happy to perform and grateful to the organizer for inviting us again," said Sanjoy Miaoa, a participant.

Such festivals not only preserve the culture of the region, but also promote tourism. (ANI)