Pakistani man sentenced to 10-year jail term for blasphemy

Islamabad, Jan. 10 (ANI): A Pakistan court has sentenced a blasphemy accused to 10 years imprisonment and has also imposed a fine of Rs 200,000, following a trial spread over 14 months.

The accused, Ghulam Ali Asghar, a resident of Chinji village in Talagang tehsil, was booked on November 2011, on a charge of blaspheming the Holy Prophet by misquoting a Hadith in Punjabi language, reports The Dawn.

Judge Raja Pervez Akhtar acquitted Asghar of the allegation levelled under a section which forbids blaspheming the Holy Prophet, but imprisoned him for 10 years under a section which forbids outraging religious feelings, and also imposed a fine of Rs 200,000.

The convict will have to undergo an additional jail term of six months if he does not pay the fine. (ANI)