Pakistan summons US diplomat over drone strikes

Islamabad, June 9 (IANS) Pakistan summoned a top US diplomat and lodged a formal protest over a recent drone strike which killed at least seven people.

A US spy aircraft fired missiles on a house in North Waziristan tribal region Friday night, the second US attack in 10 days, reports Xinhua.

Last week, a US attack killed six people including the Taliban deputy chief, Wali-ur-Rehman Mehsud, in North Waziristan.

The US Charge d' Affaires, Ambassador Richard Hoagland, was summoned Saturday to the foreign office by a senior Pakistani official to lodge a strong protest on the drone strikes.

"The US official was handed a demarche," a foreign ministry statement said.

It was conveyed to the US diplomat that the Pakistan government saw the drone strikes as a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"The importance of bringing an immediate end to drone strikes was emphasized", said the statement.