Over-The-Top Reactions To Tendulkar's 199th Test

Somebody needs to ask these people to take it easy.

(1) We understand that the Bangla grammar, sweet as it is, does not emphasise greatly on gender differentiation. But we doubt Mrs. Tendulkar would appreciate this when she sees it.

(2) One day, when these girls from Moradabad have grown up, they will wonder why they chose to be photographed looking like Dara Singh in his Hanuman get-up.

(3) The BCCI Twitter handle has set up an app to provide fans with digitally autographed photographs of Sachin Tendulkar. The nice touch here is that the app also adds your name to the photograph. The fans love it. Not to be left behind, the guys running the BCCI handle have given themselves one of these.

(4) Who else thinks this wax statue is the stuff of horror film plots, or the likeness of Piyush Chawla?

(5) The guy who misprinted the master's name as "Sachine" might be looking to hire himself a new proofreader.

(6) Private aircrafts will shower 199 kilos of flower petals on Tendulkar on the final day of the Kolkata Test.

(7) This reaction from the West Bengal sports minister.

Chill, Madanda. This is not a war.

(8) What about your priorities, dear CAB?

(9) The guy on the ticket looks less like Tendulkar and more like the guy from Life of Pi, or Michael Jackson circa 1980.