Oh, I hate u for…

Habit is second nature. It tends to occur subconsciously. It is an embodiment of who we are. However, a bad habit irks people around us. As children spend a majority of the day at school, they pick up both good and bad habits. Smita Kumar talks to a few children, who tell her about their best pals' most detestable behaviour

Push and shove

Adarsh Shresth

Class II

DPS Patna

Best friend: Anand of the same class

I do not like Anand pushing others. This is because others get scared and fall down. They even get hurt at times. When we play throw and catch, he comes and snatches the ball from anyone. It becomes difficult for us to play. He does not give the ball to others. I don't like this because we want to play and he doesn't allow us to do so.

Arrogance and boastful

Adwait Pratap Sahi

Class V

St Xavier's High School

Best friend: Nitish Kumar of the same class

He is a bit arrogant and ignores me. When I skip my school and ask him about the classes the next day, he doesn't tell me. He explains things to me only a few days before the exams. He also tries to act smart. When he gets more marks than me at times, he brags about it.

Name calling

Divyansh Shree

Class IV

Gyan Niketan

Best friend: Saksham Kumar Deo of the same class

He makes fun of me. He calls me mota (fat), which I don't like at all. He calls me chand (Moon) because my face is big. He is my best buddy yet he calls me by weird names. He helps me with my studies and shares his lunch but disturbs me often. When I play, he comes and pushes me. Not only this, when I write something, he snatches my pen and bothers me.

Emotional blackmail


Class III

St Xavier's High School

Best friend: Raj Gupta of the same class

He makes a paper ball and throws at me in the absence of a teacher. I don't like this because others start laughing and make fun of me. When we indulge in any kind of fights and I beat him up, he says he will take me to the principal and complain about it. On the other hand, when he beats me, he blackmails me emotionally saying he would break our friendship if I complain to the principal.

Cold shoulder


Class V

St Michael's High School

Best friend: Aaliya Haque of the same class

At times, when we have any conflict, she starts ignoring me and talks to people whom I hate. This hurts me a lot. I do not like this attitude of hers. Sometimes she also believes others instead of trusting her own bestfriend. She also demands certain things like food or stationery. If I am not able to get it, she gets annoyed. Although she is my best pal and I like her a lot, these habits upset me. Had it been possible, I would have changed her.

Anger management

Alankriti Jain

Class VI

St Joseph's Convent High School

Best friend: Ananya Ghosh

I don't like her getting angry about little things, especially when someone does not listen to her. This irritates me sometimes. Being her friend, I would like her to be more attentive in class and be more concerned about academics. She should also be more punctual.

Superiority complex

Pragya Chari

Class VII

St Joseph's Convent High School

Best friend: Sreeali of the same class

I don't like her superiority complex. She treats other girls as inferior to her. She is good in studies. But she never helps other girls in their academics except me. She also has a tendency of interfering in others' matters.


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