Now, anti-ageing collagen drink for men after being a hit with women

London, Jan 19 (ANI): Makers of a best-selling anti-ageing drink for women, which promises to banish wrinkles in just four weeks, were unprepared for the effect the supplement was to have on their customers' other halves.

After being inundated with requests from men, scientists have now developed a male version of the Pure Gold Collagen drink, which is due to go on sale at Boots later this month, the Daily Mail reported.

Called Active Gold Collagen, it has been specially formulated not only to target fine lines and skin ageing, but also to repair muscle damage and boost cartilage production following exercise, as well as reducing hair loss, they say.

However, experts are sceptical over the benefits of collagen drinks, which they claim are no better than eating a healthy diet.

But despite this, customers bought Pure Gold Collagen, in their droves. It became the best-selling product on Boots website when it was launched last year and there is already a 7,000-stong waiting list for the men's version.

Like the women's supplement, the men's drink comes in 50ml bottles containing a daily dose of collagen, along with acids designed to promote its production.

Reserves of collagen - the protein that gives skin strength and elasticity - deplete as the body gets older, causing skin to lose firmness and develop wrinkles.

Unlike the women's drink, however, the men's supplement also contains zinc, a nutrient which accelerates the renewal of skin cells and helps prevent hair loss and dandruff.

Active Gold has also been formulated to slow down the "internal" ageing of muscles and joints.

It contains L-Carnitine, a nutrient which turns fat into energy and helps muscles recover after exercise, as well as glucosamine, a compound found in the body which helps in the repair of cartilage in joints and other body tissues that can slow with age.

Manufacturers Minerva Research Labs say Active Gold is 50 times more effective than collagen creams, which are applied onto the top layers of skin, because it is absorbed deep into the skin's dermis via the blood stream. (ANI)


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