Nine out of 10 Oz workers 'cheating' on their employers

Melbourne, July 22(ANI): One third of workers in Australia admit to 'cheating' on their employers by fantasising about working somewhere else, a new poll has revealed.

The survey, which was conducted on 1000 Aussie workers by workplace website 'JobAdvisor', has found that around 50 percent were "window shopping for a new job."

It was suggested that nearly 10 percent were desperate to leave their current job.

The survey results also showed that around 40 per cent described themselves as being faithful to their employer and wouldn't leave, however another 25 per cent considered themselves as "players" who would change from one job to the next.

Around 25 per cent described themselves as "gold diggers," who would go wherever they get the handsome salary, while 13 per cent were commitment-phobes afraid to stay in the same place long-term.

The poll found that about six per cent wanted to work close to home in a family business.

Another five per cent considered themselves "travellers" who were only there for the sake of a visa.

The company's CEO Justin Babet told the publication that around 25 per cent of people leave their job within the first 12 months, a lot of the time because the expectation wasn't right upfront or it wasn't what they thought it would be.

The survey also revealed that while men are more likely to fantasise about working somewhere else, women are more likely to "window shop" for new jobs.

About 20 per cent city workers were described their employer relationship as "on the rocks," compared to 10 per cent of regional workers.

Those earning over 100,000 dollars a year were also twice as likely to describe themselves as "gold diggers" as those earning less. (ANI)


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