Netizens feel Tendulkar should not retire

Excerpts from Y! Cricket's live chat on September 5.

The BCCI’s move to fit in an extra home Test series against the West Indies, possibly at the expense of an important tour of South Africa, has combined two explosive entities in one jar: the Board’s growing arrogance and the evergreen topic of Sachin Tendulkar’s impending retirement.

The rescheduling appears to be directly related to a desire to see Tendulkar play his 200th Test match on home soil against a weak opposition. We opened up our chat gates and let the watching public voice their views on what they make of the situation.

Is the BCCI right in bullying its way around the ICC's Future Tours Programme? Should Tendulkar be given the long rope he’s currently suspended by? When should the great man retire, if at all?


Based on the snap-polls we conducted, an overwhelming majority (57%) feel that Tendulkar ‘should not think of retirement’, while some (25%) hold that he ‘should have retired some time ago’. Just a minority (18%) want Tendulkar to call it a day after the South Africa/ West Indies series.

Coming to the series in question, almost everybody (79%) wants an ‘untrimmed’ tour of South Africa, and only few (20%) want the West Indies Tests to be accommodated at the expense of the Proteas assignment.

Here are some of the sharpest and snarkiest comments:

Tendulkar has been in the team for the last two seasons based on his reputation rather than form. Selectors are afraid to drop him. The WI home series has been 'created' for his benefit as well as that of the BCCI's – Akshay Iyer

He should not be placed in the team only based on reputation. He should be chucked out of the team. He doesn’t deserve a place - Vedhavel

Is Tendulkar in the team on reputation alone? If he fails in SA as he failed in the home series vs Australia and England? Does the BCCI have the courage to tell him to go? – Jake

Let's bring out some numbers - Tendulkar was India’s second-highest run scorer in the twin 0-4 defeats in England and Australia. He has been poor in four other series at home. Against the West Indies in 2011, he was India’s fourth-highest scorer and sixth against New Zealand in 2012. The slide didn’t stop. He took seventh position against England, and sixth against Australia, all in friendly conditions at home – AR Hemant

This fellow will play for another 10 years if BCCI do not throw him out, but they will not do that due to Mumbai politics...he was good and we all respect him but it’s too much we can not see him any more..he has lost his charm and his game – Guest

I don't know exactly what is going on behind the scene regarding arranging new series and trimming the planned one. It may be because of this 'R' word. However it should be left to Sachin to decide when to stop playing. If a player has though of the team and the country ahead of everything for the past 24 odd years while playing then he'll be thinking of the team and the country while choosing the 'not to play' option! – Guest

The whole idea is to make Sachin play in India and wickets are certainly going to be flat to comfort him but this notion of BCCI is harmful for the game for years to come – David

The reason that Sachin 'appears' to be out of form is because people use a different scale to weigh him. He's expected to compete against his younger self rather than current squad – Ravi

This time is looks that Tendulkar will announce his retirement by the end of 2013. The main cause behind this, is that the age is not allowing him to play at the highest level and delivering 100%. He knows he is in the team just because he served the Team India for 25 years and BCCI or selector are helpless to take action without his consent. But now it is more than enough. I guess this is his last year for playing cricket – Narendra Singh

Sachin doesn't 'appear' to be out of form because people use a different scale to judge him. Since the start of 2012, he has averaged around 27 in Tests; that's a bad number for a top-order bat by any one's standards – Akshay Iyer

The point is that we shouldn't keep looking at achievements of the past. A lot of people keep mentioning Tendulkar has this record or that record. Those were in the past. What's his record this year? This is poor. He barely has does enough to be in a domestic team, let alone a Test team – AR Hemant

On the basis of runs, there are 25 batsmen in the world ahead of him. He has no hundreds in 37 innings. His average is under 32, which is far, far away from his career average of 50+. This is compelling enough to drop him, but the selectors have not been able to do – AR Hemant

It sounds funny that people who have watched cricket only on television is giving advice to Sachin who has played and still continue to play cricket at the highest level for the last 25 years. I am sure most of these experts who give sound advices on Sachin wouldn't even have born when he started playing cricket. Sachin has earned the right to decide when to retire, period – Navneet

It has to be purely his decision on retirement. No one commands the respect he has in the whole cricket fraternity. He is the best Judge of himself and what ever and when ever he thinks is the right time for him to retire should be left on him rather than any other person – Neeraj Jain

I think all great players gracefully retire and Sachin has achieved everything he could possibly think of. I remember around 3 years back in an interview he called himself 'youngster' so probably that graceful retirement wont come from him; it will finally come from the BCCI – Pallavi

Lets leave it to him. One thing is definite. No one is indispensible or permanent. It will become increasingly difficult for him to retain his place in a team full of very talented youngsters – Sameer

It is high time he retires before he is shown the door. The rescheduling of series and Test venues can only happen in India. Such attitudes reek of sycophancy – Raveesh

We are talking about an Indian icon. As Indians we have had very few heroes. Think about it, Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian superstar, bigger than even our biggest cinema heroes. Do think twice. If you can, spot another hero and write about him – May God Bless You

Since the past two years Sachin has been out of form and he is avoiding the inevitable along with blocking some talented youngster’s chance – Guest

Sachin is not the same player anymore. He should have taken retirement well before the 2011 World Cup – Mankada Datta

Tendulkar will not retire because Kallis is approaching his stats very rapidly. He is even 2-3 years younger than Sachin and still in very good form – Shekhar

Tendulkar should retire. He has been a great ambassador to the game of cricket. Not sure why he is not hanging up his boots. Maybe, a fear factor that Kallis would break his record of centuries in Tests – V Kanan

Please throw him out of team. He was great but not anymore – Satan

I believe Sachin has been a great test player for Tests and an Outstanding ODI player but the time has come to let young generation take over – Rohan

I feel cutting/trimming down SA series was only to fulfill one man's greed ... What on earth would have happened if he had played his 200th test in SA ..? – Mandeep

Rahul Dravid is so graceful, he handled retirement in an elegant manner but Tendulkar has lost a lot of dignity coz of his misdeeds – Anubhav

It shows Indian mentality, always criticizing, let him reach new milestone of 200 Tests, in bad times he supported Indian team, now its time to support him – AB Wagh

I feel sorry for Tendulkar, that it has come down to this. Once regarded as the greatest player, now he is considered selfish and greedy by his own countryman – Anupam

If the BCCI wanted Indians to have the pleasure of seeing the great Sachin play his 200th test in India then they should have reacted earlier... now they are looking a bit awkward and greedy – Hemant Kumar

Not only is the BCCI coming across as greedy; but also as egoistic, high-handed and dictatorial. They are hitting CSA where it hurts the most because they chose to go ahead with Lorgat's appointment as their CEO despite the Indian board's warning – Akshay Iyer

Tendulkar is great and deserves accolades for serving the nation for this long but the BCCI's planning is not that great – Amrut Thobbi       

All these comments should be read keeping in mind that our greatest batsman Tendulkar has failed to achieve any worthy innings since the last few years. It is indeed very high time that he retires from the international scene and makes way for the Pujaras, Rahanes etc – Madanmohan

If Sachin feels there is lot of cricket still left in him then he must start a coaching institute. This is also a way to serve the country – Anil

Sachin is like Muhammad Ali and many other greats who stayed around for too long – Anil

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