Narine unfazed by mystery tag

By giving the India domestic league a devastating and deceptive spin, Sunil Narine has ensured every team prepares a contingency plan against him. Players talk about specific strategies focusing on Narine. Captains, despite losing, label the experience of playing him as an investment for the future while to the Twenty20 world he is still a 'mystery' bowler.

Narine, of course, is more eager to be swayed by soca, a form of reggae that involves drums and trombones like a true Caribbean. And he still dreams of bowling to Sunil Gavaskar, after whom he was named. "I've already played against Sachin but I've not bowled to Gavaskar yet," said Narine.

A stylish player who keeps a Mohawk believing he's got success with it, Narine isn't really bothered by the 'mystery' aura around him. "In world cricket, people choose a name for you," said Narine when reminded of his unplayable status.

Narine started this edition of the T20 tournament from where he had left last year, taking a wicket in each of his four overs and being equally miserly against Delhi Daredevils on Wednesday. He sure has a trick or two up his sleeve but he also credits the subcontinent pitches for bringing out the best in him. "The Indian wicket suits spinners a lot. I think it favours me a bit," said Narine.

Few spinners dare to take on the batsmen in the slog overs but Narine believes in keeping his cricket simple.