Modi's pep talk to students: Re-brand India

India's main challenge, according to Modi, remains utilising its vast resources to the fullest.

NEW DELHI: Gujarat chief minister in his address at the Delhi University's prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in New Delhi emphasised the need for good governance for India to reach its full potential.

He said, "Even after 60 years of independence, India is still worried about getting ' Swaraj'. If we want to make a place in the global bandwagon of progress, Swaraj should be the focus. By Swaraj, I mean good governance. By good governance I mean, pro-people - pro government," Modi told the students at Delhi University's prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) here.

"Today there is an atmosphere of hopelessness. Everyone thinks they want to run away. This is my fourth term as Chief Minister of Gujarat, and from that experience I know that even with the present set up, we can make progress and achieve much more. I am a very positive man, I believe that we can change the situation," he added.

India's main challenge, according to Modi, remains utilising its vast resources to the fullest.

"We are not a poor country. We are rich in natural resources. We are not using our resources properly. Our challenge is use them fully. We have huge natural resources, but we have been unable to exploit them," he said. "We have developed our state on three pillars, agricultural, industry and service sector. Even if one pillar fails, the other two can support the economy of the state."

Citing Gujarat's example, Modi emphasised the key role of agriculture in economy. He said, "The state, which spent years in water scarcity, is now creating history with surplus agriculture. My Vibrant Gujarat Summit happens once in two years, but every year I hold a farmers' festival."

Stating that Gujarat was never a traditionally agricultural state, Modi elaborated state's success story.

He said, "Gujarat was never an agricultural state. Earlier it meant a desert. We have always had registan (desert) and next door Pakistan.

"We have worked hard for agricultural development of Gujarat. You may have heard about Vibrant Gujarat summit. But we also have a Farmer Summit on the hottest days of the year where we help develop agircultural innovations and farmers."

He further shared the success story of vibrant gujarat.

Modi said, "These days there is a lot of debate about Guajrat's development model. Our development model doesn't stand on a single pillar", says Modi to more applause from the students. "Our economy is one third agriculture, one third industry and one third services. They support each other and we have developed all.

"There must be no one in the audience who has chai without doodh from Gujarat in it. All the milk in Delhi is from Gujarat.

"Milk in Singapore is from Gujarat, Okra in Europe is from Gujarat. Tomatoes in Afghanistan are from Gujarat.  Gujarat is the only state where the water table is going up. We have taken an integrated approach to agricultural development.

"We conduct animal husbandry camps also in the state. 120 diseases of cattle have been eradicated. As a result there has been a 80 percent growth in the milk production. Imagine how much financial gain villagers have made as a result"

Need to awaken national spirit across India

Modi added that India should take cue from Asian countries Japan and China to awaken its national spirit and stamp its authority in the world.

He said, "In Japan on everything there is a slogan about Olympics. They are preparing a spirit across the nation about it. What have we done? When South Korea hosted Olympics it was a turning point and all their manufacturing became popular worldwide. Here we had Commonwealth Games. Why did we have it? Even those who organised it don't know yet."

"China exports the most herbal medicine but India despite its history of ayurveda hasn't managed to export as much.

"Whatever products we make in manufacturing should have zero defects for a global reputation and should have good packaging.

"The whole world sees us a bazaar where they can dump products. We should look to make the world our bazaar and boost manufacturing.

"Why shouldn't we make the 'Made in India' tag a statement of quality for our manufactured products?"

Need for a new school of thought in Indian politics

Modi feels Indian politician should change its paradigm of Indian youth, which remains its strength.

He said, "It is important how we view the youth of the nation. For most of the political leadership the youth is only a new age voter. I don't see this attitude benefitting the nation. Despite the fact I come from the same era I believe that a new school of thought is needed.

" Leaders should see the youth as a new age of power for the nation to progress. Isn't our duty to make the words of Vivekananda truth by developing the youth of nation and changing the world?

"India's youth has the desire but they have a lack of skills. Presently in Gujarat we are having skill development workshops.

"Our youth are not snake charmers, they are changing the world with a mouse!

"In Taiwan, an interpreter asked me if we still have snake charmers and superstition. I said no. We are mouse charmers, I said. The youth of the nation has its finger on the mouse of computers and is changing the world."


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