Men's willingness to risk all for a woman's love 'all down to evolution'

London, February 13 (ANI): A new study has revealed that men are willing to take dangerous gambles to win the attention of the opposite sex - and the tendency is rooted in evolution.

A recent study has found that risk-taking behaviour has in part been evolved to enhance an individual's ability to attract a mate.

The study points out that in the evolutionary past, our ancestors were faced with a hazardous environment where they were forced to take greater risks in order to find shelter, food and sexual partners.

Thus, individuals who played it safe in that they did not take any risks at all, were unlikely to survive.

Men have apparently inherited this willingness to face dangers for women from our risk-friendly ancestors.

But in a modern age where these primeval problems are all but extinct, men are looking for other risks to boast their willingness to face danger, the Daily Mail reported.

The study looked at three examples of risk taking behaviour in men and women: sexual risk taking (like unprotected sex), gambling and reckless driving.

In all three tests, men were more likely to take the inherent risks involved once a romantic element has been induced.

Women however showed no more desire to take unnecessary risks.

The study has been published in the Journal of Risk Research. (ANI)


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