Md. Sp. join chorus

Calcutta: A day after East Bengal demanded Mohammedan Sporting's direct qualification to the I-League, citing their history and fan base, the black-and-white brigade announced that they will start a signature campaign after January 26, to persuade the AIFF.

Club president, Sultan Ahmed, said Mohammedan Sporting's history and overall contribution to Indian football were no less significant than that of Mohun Bagan.

"The AIFF had definitely considered Bagan's heritage and fan base during the review. We were under the impression that a decision would be taken purely on the basis of the rules and regulations."

"But now that the ban has been lifted, it only proves that AIFF can go beyond the rules to reinstate Bagan in the I-League. So why can't the same procedure be followed with this club, which has a huge support base all over the country?" Ahmed questioned.


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