MasterChef recipes: Mandir Bhog

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For the Cashew Crumble:

50 gms - Sugar
2 tbsp - Maple syrup
50 gms - Cashew
1 tsp - Elaichi


50 gms - Cow Milk Chhena
1 tbsp - Rose Water
Few - Pista
Few - Badam
Few - Kesar
2 tbsp - Castor Sugar

For the Pista Ball:

100 g - Pista Soaked in Water
50 g - Sugar
1 tsp - Elaichi Powder

For the Santra barfi:

1 cup - Grated white pumpkin
1 tbsp - Orange Zest
1 tbsp - Orange Color
100g - Sugar
1 tbsp - Rose Water

For the Sauce:

25g - Sugar
75 g - Milk
50 g - Fresh milk malai
1 pc - Nutmeg
Pinch - Mace
Pinch - Cinnamon


1 - Tulsi
1 pcs - Banana
200 g - Watermelon
1 cup - Fresh Coconut

Important Equipment:

Melon Scooper
Muslin Cloth


To make the cashew crumble: Heat a thick bottomed pan, on moderate heat, add sugar, and slowly increase the heat, till sugar melts, and slightly caramelized.

Chop cashew finely, add to the melted sugar, and remove on a buttered tray, flatten with a spatula, into thin crisp. Cut into shape and keep

To make the Santra barfi: Heat thick bottomed pan, on moderate heat, add white pumpkin which has been pulverized, add sugar and cook, do not brown, but make sure that the water is dried. Remove and cool, and check if there is any water left, if yes, then cook again, to dry water. Once this paste is dry enough to mold, add rose water orange zest and orange  color. Wet hands and form balls.

To make the sondesh: Spread the muslin cloth flat, place chena in the middle, make a poultice, and squeeze, till all water is removed. Remove and place in mixing bowl add sugar and knead it gently add rose water and incorporate, lightly. Never use a heavy hand, as this will compact the chena. Fill mold and keep it aside till set, approximately 5 min. Decorate with strips of crushed pistachio and almonds, scatter few strands of saffron.

To make the Pista ball: Heat water in a pan  add pistachios and blanch them for 2~3 min; strain out and let them cool. Then remove the skins of some pistachios but  reserve a few for chopping. Put  the peeled pistachios in the  blender, add cardamom powder, and sugar, and blend till fine paste. Chop reserve pistachio finely and mix it  with the  paste. Dip hands in cold water and make pista ball.

Fruit Balls ~ Banana 1 piece, use a scoop to make small balls, add a dash of lemon immediately

Malai – Take Malai  and chill in freezer and shape.

Indian Tulsi -Pick small leaves, and wash and keep.

To make the sauce: Boil all ingredients in a pan, stir constantly, reduce to sauce consistency and rest till cold. If needed place in chiller.

To plate your dish: Place Cashew Praline at bottom and add rest of the elements one by one  on top of each   other, scatter a few slivers of tulsi leaves on this and drizzle sauce.

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