How to make your marriage divorce-proof!

Washington, Aug 04 (ANI): With the changing times, relationships tend to fail even before they blossom into healthy ones, and as a result divorce has become rampant.

What most don't realise is that many of those divorces could be avoided.

Huffington Post has come up with seven steps that can make your marriage divorce-proof.

It's suggested that both partners should talk more often, more openly and more honestly with each other.

They should have more dialogues and fewer monologues and should talk about feelings as well as facts.

According to, couples who have sex at least once a week are less likely to divorce. They should practice new positions, new locations, and experiment with role playing.

The third way is to talk to a life coach or a therapist when you notice a recurring pattern that causes tension or strife.

Experts suggested that couple who are parents to young children should spend time together regularly.

The fifth way is to increase the amount of non-sexual touch in your relationship like holding hands during date night or hug each other after returning to home from work. C

ouples who have more non-sexual touch report being happier with their relationships.

You can't expect your partner to be spend time with you every time, so going out with your friends is also important.

Couples who spend more time with other couples also report having happier marriages

The last way to divorce-proof marriage is to practice forgiveness. Experts said that even if your partner has been unfaithful, it doesn't have to end the marriage if you choose to forgive. (ANI)


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