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05:00 AM: Good Morning and Welcome to our coverage of the U-19 World Cup final between India and Australia. India have won the toss and elected to field, and it is a decision that has paid off right away. Jimmy Peirson decided to shoulder arms to a delivery that was coming in from Sandeep Sharma, Bowled! Great start for India. Australia 2/1.

05:15 AM: Second wicket for India and Sandeep Sharma. Another ball that comes in, Cameron Bancroft fails to make contact with the ball, hit on the pads. The umpire's finger goes up. India have got off to an excellent start here. Australia 8/2.

Beamer: Unmukt Chand must be over the moon

05:30 AM: Kurtis Patterson and Meyrich Buchanan at  the crease now. Given the movement that Sandeep Sharma has managed to extract, the Aussie batsmen will have their eyes wide open. Kamal Passi however seems to be pitching the ball on a fuller length, only to be smashed for boundaries by left-hander Patterson. Australia 31/2 after 8 overs.

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05:45 AM:
Right first change. Ravikant Singh. Starts off well, but is offering the batsmen room to play their shots. Tidy over though, just 0ne run coming from it. Australia 37/2 after 10 overs. End of the first power play. Baba Aparajith into the attack, to the right-hander Buchanan, who takes a single to give the strike to the southpaw Patterson. Wicket! Comes in from around the wicket, lovely flight, with the batsman trying to play across, bowled. Poor shot selection that. Australia 38/3.

Beamer: Doesn't Baba Aparajith remind you of R.Ashwin?

05:50 AM: The Australian skipper- William Bosisto comes to the crease. Survives as Baba Aparajith completes a great first over. Ravikant Singh chugs in, Buchanan doesn't move his feet, dabs at a delivery outside the off-stump. Healthy edge that flies to the Indian keeper Smit Patel. Australia 38/4. The Boys-in-Blue are on a roll.

05:55 A.M: Travis Head is the new batsman. Australia 41/4 after 12 overs. Kamal Passi back into the attack. India will be looking to go for the kill now, folks.

06:10 AM: The left-hander Travis Head has been dropped at point. Ravikanth Singh doesn't look too pleased. Drinks on the field people. Australia 52/4 after 15 Overs.

06:20 AM: Baba Aparajith back into the attack. Travis Head wants to go back and forth, with little width on offer. If you don't go on the front foot, life might be difficult Mr.Batsman. Looks like he heard us. Australia 56/4 after 17 overs.

06:25 AM: Short ball from Ravikant Singh. No ball. Head gets on his toes to slap the ball to deep extra cover for four. Free hit. This time Head makes room, turns the yorker into a half-volley, creams it over mid-on for four. Great last ball from Mr.Singh though, Head couldn't figure out head or tail of that delivery, as it left him outside the off-stump. Australia 65/4.

06:30 AM: Harmeet Singh into the attack. Lovely flight, bowling from wide of the crease, starts with a maiden. Australia 65/4 after 19 overs. Spin from both ends, as Baba Aparajith comes in to roll his right arm over. Nice looking cut shot from Bosisto, Short third man Vijay Zol gives chase, sends the ball back. Australia 69/4 after 20 overs.

06:45 AM: Unmukt Chand has absolutely no problems watching his spinners suffocate the Aussie batsmen for runs. Both Harmeet and Aparajith have forced heads to turn with their performance in the tournament, forcing both Head and Bosisto to take it slow. Travis Head wants to come down the track, but Harmeet beats him to it, altering his line and length after watching him step out. Australia 80/4 after 25 overs.

06:55 AM:  First boundary after 8 overs. Travis Head sweeps a delivery from Aparajith for four to the backward square leg fence. Two runs later, the 50-run partnership comes up. India don't look too worried. Australia 88/4 after 26 overs.

Beamer: Have the colts been to Farmville in Townsville?

07:00 AM: Lbw appeal from Aparajith to Bosisto. Too high that. Unmukt Chand has decided that it's time for a bowling change. Ravikanth singh comes in to bowl Over No.28. 100 comes up for Australia.

07:05 AM: Wicket. Travis Head has been run out. India have broken the fifth wicket partnership (65), thanks to some great work in the field from Harmeet Singh at point, who relayed the ball to Baba Aparajith at the bowling end, as the bails flew off, with Head's bat still outside the crease. Australia 103/5. Ashton Turner is the new batsman.

07:15 AM: Smit Patel has dropped Ashton Turner. The Aussie played the cut, only to find an edge that Patel failed to catch. Umpire Ranmore Martinesz confirms when asked by the bowler Baba Aparajith that there was indeed an edge. Life goes on. Australia 108/5 after 32 overs. Kamal Passi into the attack now.

Beamer: Has Smit Patel been smitten?

07:25 AM: Baba Aparajith with his final over in the U-19 World Cup. He finishes with figures of 1/31, as Ashton Turner decides to let the last ball of Over No.34 alone. Good stuff young man. Australia are 110/5, and they are pressing the brakes not the accelerator. That's probably because they are driving from the back seat.

Beamer: Passi or Fail?

07:30 AM: All eyes on the Aussie skipper Will Bosisto now. Kamal Passi has been a tad expensive today, but hopefully India may not have to pay the price. Moving on. Over No.35- The batting powerplay has been taken ladies and gentlemen. Harmeet Singh into the attack. As usual a tidy over, Australia 123-5 after 36 Overs. Sandeep Sharma says right arm over the wicket.

07:40 AM: Width on offer, Ashton Turner helps himself to a four as the ball crosses the backward point fence. Strike exchanged. Hmm..Ashton Turner makes room, but Sandeep saw him early, brings in the slower delivery to arrest the onslaught. The final delivery is a full one, Turner makes room, sends the half-volley to the cover point boundary for four. Classy shot Mr.Turner.

07:50 AM: The Aussies are moving towards the last leg of their batting inning. Harmeet Singh comes on to bowl the last over of the batting powerplay. 151/5 after 40. What kind of total are we looking at? Given that the Joeys were once stuck at 38/4, they have managed to cover some ground here at the Tony Ireland Stadium in Townsville.

08:00 AM: Unmukt Chand comes in to bowl some off-break. Not a bad part-time job this, the best in the world, some might say. The Indian skipper is inviting the batsmen to hit, not a bad idea as long as the ball doesn't cross the rope. It doesn't, Australia 160/5 after 42 overs. Harmeet Singh comes in next, William Bosisto chooses to play the ball as it turns in, well outside off-stump, brings up his 50. Congratulations!

08:05 AM: Half-trackers from Unmukt Chand. Easy pickings for counterpart William Bosisto. Time to hand over duties to the men with the full-time bowling jobs Unmukt. Australia 176/5 after 44 overs.

Beamer: Harmeet Singh has so much flight, he must start an airline!

08:10 AM: Sandeep Sharma gets his revenge. Right after smashing the ball for six over the midwicket fence, Ashton Turner hit the ball straight into the hands of Unmukt Chand at cover. Australia 196/6 after 46 overs. Time to welcome Alex Gregory to the crease. They are going to cross 200 folks, it will be a decent score, whatever the Aussies finish with. Australia 201/6 after 47 overs.

08:20 AM: Gregory takes the aerial route, ball stays up for a while Akshdeep Nath calls, running to his right to take a good catch just outside the 30-yard circle. Australia 204/7.

08:30 AM: The Aussie tail wants to run after everything, and they are paying the price as Joel Paris runs himself out for a duck. Great throw from long on, as Ravikant Singh whips the bails off. Look who is here -Mr.Gurinder Sandhu. For Australia that is.

08:35 AM: Last over of the Aussie innings coming up. Strike exchanged between Sandhu and Bosisto. The No.10 opens the face of the bat, scoop-drives the ball for four to the deep extra cover fence. The last ball however is a contest between William Bosisto and Sandeep Sharma. Two runs taken, Australia finish with 225/8, as Bosisto walks back after making 87*. Not a bad effort at all.

Can India make 226 runs to pick up the 2012 U-19 World Cup? We'll find out soon. Don't go anywhere.


09:15 AM: Unmukt Chand and Prashant Chopra have made their way to the crease. Joel Paris has the ball. Nice positive step forward from Mr.Chopra, sweet sound as bat hits ball. Australia start with a maiden. Unmukt Chand takes strike against Mark Steketee. Opens India's account with a single.

09:20 AM: Wicket. Ball goes down the leg side, Prashant Chopra had no business touching that ball. India lose their first wicket. 2/1. Baba Aparajith walks in at No.3.

Beamer: Does Baba Aparajith like Baba Suits?

09:30 AM: That was close. Unmukt Chand would have had his heart in his mouth, when the Aussies went up with that lbw appeal. Was there some bat? Can't say. India 11/1 after 4 overs. Lots of nerves all around, nobody has stepped on one yet.

09:35 AM: Ball on driving length, Baba Aparajith leans into the shot, to send the ball for four between cover and point for the first four of the Indian innings. Unmukt Chand follows suit, with a four off a full delivery past point. May the 'Fource' be with you lads!

09:40 AM: Chand is looking a little edgy, going after deliveries that should be left alone. No harm done though. Now Joel Paris needs to understand that if he offers width to Aparajith, he has all the time in the world to open the face of the bat to drive the ball for four. This was a fact, not a statement!

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09:45 AM: The nice thing about Aparajith's technique is that he looks to get behind the ball all the time, and the high back lift allows him to play the ball late. He must watch out for late movement and bounce though. India are going on nicely, boys and girls. 40/1 after 8 overs.

09:50 AM: Let's a look at the desi boy in the Australian side- Gurinder Sandhu. Big lad, who will have to ensure that he doesn't offer width to Chand. Four past point. A bit about his action, nice and smooth, easy run up and delivery stride, but it's the line and length that he needs to work on. Why do we say that? Well, because Unmukt Chand has just smacked him over long off for a six. Nice follow-through Mr.Skipper. India 50/1 after 9 overs.

10:00 AM: Gurinder Sandhu goes up. Unmukt Chand didn't get to the ball, beaten as the ball hits his pad. Umpire reckons it would have been too high. If only the India's domestic bowlers got such pitches. Nice bounce, for the track is holding up really well. India 66/1 after 12 overs.

10:10 AM: For those of you who have just joined us, India are 68/1 after 13 overs, with Unmukt Chand and Baba Aparajith at the crease. They need 158 runs to win, with 9 wickets in hand. Spin being introduced into the attack. The man who brings his surname to the job- Ashton Turner!

10:15 AM:  So Baba Aparajith will have to walk back, but he has only himself to blame. Played in the air, on the up, Ashton Turner at short cover had other plans, diving to his left to take a great catch. Aparajith gone for 33, India 75/2. Time to say hello to Hanuma Vihari. Gurinder Sandhu has a wicket against his name.

Beamer: What have you done Baba?

10:25 AM: Good to see Vihari use his feet against Turner. Misunderstanding between Vihari and Chand, gets back with a dive. Desperate that. Decision goes upstairs, vegetarian signal shown. Vihari survives but not for too long, for the right-hander came forward, playing against the turn, as he tried to work the ball on the leg side. India 82/3, Hanuma Vihari gone for 4. Vijay Zol is the new batsman.

10:35 AM: Great delivery from Sandhu. Chand goes forward, healthy edge, but the keeper drops it after a one-handed dive to his right. Where is the slip? Must have slipped Bosisto's mind. Tough chance though for the keeper. Score- 86/3 after 20 overs.

10:40 AM: Bowling powerplay taken. Good shot Mr.Chand. Full delivery from Sandhu, which the Indian skipper lifts from the crease, over the bowler for a six. Made it look so effortless did Unmukt Chand.

10:45 AM: Let's have a look at Vijay Zol. The youngster has his front foot forward even before the ball lands, talk about playing the ball early! Two slips in place, and they are testing him, tempting him to play the drive. Zol has been resilient so far.

Beamer: Thankfully the U-19 World Cup isn't a T20 competition

10: 50 AM: So Vijay Zol falls into the trap. He was being suffocated for runs by the Aussies, and he succumbs by edging the ball to Jimmy Pierson. Paris picks up his first wicket, India 97/4. Smit Patel is the new batsman.

Beamer: Why doesn't Paris play cricket for France?

11:00 AM: We are at the halfway mark, India are 98/4 after 25 overs. Honours even so far, and the team that wins this match will be the team that takes the initiative. Mr.Chand has a half-century, while the Aussies have ensured that there is a new batsman at the crease. How will the pendulum swing? 100 up for India.

11:05 AM: Lucky Tucky. Smit Patel edged that one to Mr.Pierson with the gloves. Dropped.

11:10 AM:  India 103/4 after 27. Sandhu back at work. Smit Patel is being tested here, and Unmukt Chand is doing the right thing by having a chat with his partner. Five runs from the over, India 108/4.

11:15 AM: Alex Gregory comes into the attack. An ankle in the crease action that vaguely resembles Andre Nel. No pace though, so Patel gets a breather. Straight down the ground, great sound from the bat, nice shot Mr.Patel. Put those butterflies to sleep, will ya? Great shot. India 115-4. Steady there lad.

11:25 AM: Unmukt Chand drives the ball for four. Nice shot to the extra cover fence. These two batsmen need to understand that pressure is just another word in the dictionary. A dot ball doesn't mean full stop gentlemen. India 124/4 after 33 overs.

Beamer: What is Usain Bolt's run-rate?

11:40 AM: So the Aussies feel that they have a chance, with India at 140/4 after 36 overs. Both Chand and Patel are being careful, and are sweating it out in the middle. Let's watch Paris bowl to Patel. Dealing in singles these two. Unmukt Chand has the strike now, and he needs to put a price on his wicket. As India get ready for the business end of the target, his presence is the balance India needs as the finish line comes into view.

12:00 PM: Unmukt Chand steps out, and hoiks Ashley Turner for a six over deep midwicket. Shot skipper! India are 166/4, need 61 from the last 60 balls. It's time to start biting those nails.

12:10 PM: It is a pretty straightforward walk for the Indians, but the Aussies do know a thing or two about forcing their opponents to make it look like a walk on a tightrope. Joel Paris is done with his quota of 10 overs. India are 167/4 after 41 overs.

12:20 PM:  Spin into the attack, with Travis Head turning his arm over. Nothing to be afraid about. India need 52 from 48. Gurinder Sandhu comes in, he has two overs left. Singles coming along, partnership going strong for India. 49 needed from 42.

12:21 PM: Well. Twist in the tale. Unmukt Chand dropped by counterpart William Bossito at mid-wicket. Alex Gregory doesn't know what to say, where to look. Looks like Australia will regret this. Chand smashes the bowler for a six. The same kookaburra ball that almost flew into the Aussie skipper's hands. India need 40 from 36.

12:26 PM: India need 35 from 30. Full toss from Alex Gregory "Marillier-scooped" over the keeper and short fine leg for four by Smit Patel. Unmukt Chand brings up his century with a six, he is saving his celebrations for the end. The helmet stays on. 21 needed off 24 now. Smit Patel brings up his 50 as well.

12:35 PM: Did you see that monster. Take six Unmukt Chand, down the ground. Top edge from Smit Patel's bat, four runs. 8 needed from 20 now. Make that 6 from 18.

12:40 PM: That's it ladies and gentlemen. Smit Patel has just whacked Ashley Turner to the midwicket fence for four. India have won the U-19 World Cup final! The Boys-in-Blue have emerged victorious after defeating Australia by 6 wickets. Congratulations Team India. Right then, it's been a great day of cricket, thanks a lot for joining us. This is Skandan Sampath saying Bye.

Beamer: These Under-19 guys are no Underachievers!