Light at the end of the tunnel for Harmeet Singh

“It has been very tough over the last few months. I am happy the truth is out,” Harmeet said.

Mumbai: For Harmeet Singh, the ordeal ended on Friday. The relief came as a result of the BCCI’s disciplinary committee closing the case against him owing to lack of evidence of any wrongdoing.

Once the meeting got underway in New Delhi, the committee asked the players to present their case individually. After Amit Singh, it was Harmeet’s turn. Though he was not informed of the decision immediately, Harmeet left the hotel after his 15-minute interaction.

Harmeet was at his relative’s place when he learnt of his name being cleared. “It has been very tough over the last few months. I am happy the truth is out,” Harmeet told HT.

“My family stood by me through this tough period. By God’s grace I am out of it now.”

The controversy threatened to turn Harmeet’s career upside down, with him being denied a contract by Vidarbha and Mumbai putting on hold his readmission to the city’s cricketing fold. While Harmeet was surprised at being embroiled in this controversy for so long, the timing of the judgment will ensure he does not miss much.

“The decision comes at the perfect time with the season starting. Finally, I can concentrate on playing again.”

Anti-corrution unit chief Ravi Sawani had alleged in his report that Harmeet knew a bookie, was offered money and that he failed to report the bookie’s advances to the Board.

According to sources, Harmeet countered the claims by showing the statement he gave to the magistrate. It is also learnt that the facts stated by Harmeet to Sawani were brought up by the latter in not the exact form.