Know the Secrets for a Flat Belly

Have you always wondered how celebrities flaunt such washboard abs all year round? Do you envy your friends who have an hourglass figure and to die-for flat belly? Well, if you promise that you won’t go out on crash diets and not set unrealistic goals anymore, then we can tell you few secrets that would help you get that flat belly. So, are you ready to get that flat stomach?

Workout your full body

Many believe that crunches are the only way for a flat belly. But that is not the only best exercise to go for while aiming for a flat belly. Go for cardio, train on cross-trainers, do cycling and run on treadmill. If you don’t feel like sweating it out in a gym then go for the most simplest and effective workout – bring out your running shoes and head out to the local park. 

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Mind your posture

If you tend to slouch then you are bound to carry a stomach pouch with you. So, whether you are standing, sitting or walking, try not to slouch because weak back muscles affect your tummy as well. If you spend your work hours sitting in front of a computer then it is best to get a chair which can help you keep your back comfortably straight. If you are a gym person, focus on your shoulder and back muscles and work out on cable-pulley machines.

Eat smart

There is no need to starve to get that bulge-free stomach. Your approach must be a smart combination of smart eating and exercises that strengthen your core. Consuming calories less than 1,200 per day will put your body in starvation mode, leading to dizziness, fatigue and more health problems. While keeping that in mind, including smart healthy food items in your diet can be helpful. While staying clear of fried, junk and sugary foods, you can go for high-fibre foods such as whole wheat bread and whole grain pastas and low fat dairy products.

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Healthy Drinks

It's not just foods that’ll help you lose weight, but some drinks as well.

  • Green tea is high in polyphenols which successfully dissolves triglycerides (a type of fat found in blood) and accelerates our body’s metabolism. It also boosts a person’s endurance level and stamina, thus, providing aid to your body during extensive workout regimes.
  • Lemon is rich in citric acid and this acidic nature of lemon aids weight loss. If you have plain lemon water juice in the morning, you introduce your system to the acids and enzymes that would help to keep your digestive tracts healthy and problem-free.

No Stress

Stress is not just harmful for your mental well-being but your physical health as well. Stress increases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, which can lead to more fat accumulation in your body. Stress is seen as a major reason behind binge-eating. Listen to some soothing music, go out for morning/evening walks, walk your dog, jog, run, skip, enrol for a yoga class and mediate. All this will help reduce stress levels considerably. So, keep happy to stay healthy.

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Keep in mind that no single fruit or vegetable can aid weight loss around belly. It’s a combination of various factors that influence both weight gain and weight loss. Make sure you make smart lifestyle changes. 


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