Jazz Up Your Summer Wardrobe with Linen

If you choose your fabrics wisely during summers, then you might not have to give into the temptation of wearing a half sleeve shirt at a formal event or cropping the length of your skirt. Considering the soaring temperature, a fabric such as linen, which gives tremendous cooling comfort, would make an obvious choice. A little peppy and very fresh, linen is everywhere this season!

Lighter in weight than cotton, it is a perfect fabric for breezy skirts, blouses, jackets and trousers. This summer if you prefer a twist of comfortable fashion in your wardrobe, then linen comes to your rescue. Here's why:

A cool fabric

In summers, we all like to wear something that is extremely light and linen works well for most of your smart casual looks. It is a breathable and durable material since the flexibility of linen thread is twice as high as cotton and thrice as that of wool. Also, linen pulls away unwanted moisture from the body, thus it helps in keeping your body dry. It is a non-allergic, naturally insect repellent material that also gives UV protection. When linen apparel is manufactured without mixing any other fibres to the yarn, then it feels even cooler than clothes made out of 100% cotton.

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Don’t confuse with cotton

Linen is a natural fabric derived from the flax plant which is a grass-like herb. It is often confused with cotton due to their similar texture, but keep in mind that cotton is extracted from the cotton flower. Linen is more expensive than cotton because more effort is involved in making a linen cloth. A long and complex process is undertaken to extract the fibre and make cloth out of it.

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A dash of colours

Natural fabrics such as linen look best in pastel shades like creamy white, sandy brown, sunshine yellow or candy pink. But if you are not a fashion conservative, then let exotic floral prints bloom on your white linen blazer or pants. Though linen is extremely comfortable but this fabric wrinkles very easily. But, heavy linen wrinkles less than the lighter weaves and also dark colours can help camouflage the wrinkles. So, choose the type and colour carefully, keeping your purpose in mind.

Fashionable appeal

Earlier, linen had been dismissed as a fabric that was worn by people (mostly men) who are in their 40s, but with changing trends, sporting linen is not only a logical choice but a fashionable one as well. Linen is a versatile fabric, so men and women can carry this fabric with equal aplomb. Other fibres like silk, rayon and viscose are often used along with linen to improve its performance and appeal. Linen has a natural shine to it, so when a linen cloth is refined, it never loses that natural shine in it.

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Best for all occasions

Whether it is a beach wedding or a regular day out in the sun, linen looks good in every sort of setting, if worn well. You can't go wrong with a fresh white linen dress and it is surely something that would make it to your holiday wardrobe. Whether it is a solid colour or a subdued burst of shades, the fabric is so versatile that it can be chosen for work, fun and even weekend getaways.

So, what are you waiting for? Get experimental with some linen fashion for your wardrobe this season.


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