Japanese restaurant group sets Guinness record as 'world's largest curry chain'

Kyodo, Jan. 22 (ANI): Guinness World Records has recognised Ichibanya Co.- known for its yellow and brown Curry House CoCo Ichibanya restaurants - as the world's largest curry chain.

The chain, known as CoCo Ichi, has more than 1,300 outlets, reports the Japan Times.

Based in Kazunomiya, Ichibanya opened its first restaurant in Aichi in January 1978. By 1994, it had at least one restaurant in every prefecture and had opened its first overseas outlet in Hawaii. As of last month, Ichibanya had 1,305 outlets, of which 100 were overseas.

The company posted 39.7 billion yen in sales and a net profit of 2.2 billion yen in the year ending last May. Ichibanya also operates other restaurant chains, including Pasta de Coco. (ANI)


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