Jay Kannaiyan and sanDRina - Jammin thru India

Day 7 - Aluva to Calicut

Driving in Kerala is another kettle of fish, discovers Jay as he takes in local driving customs along with local treats, Ayurveda and coconut water

A grounded bus near Thrissur in sharp contrast to the madly-driven buses of Kerala.

Today was a short riding day, so I took it easy in the morning and left at a comfortable time. I was soon back on Kerala's twisting roads with all her mad bus drivers. These bus drivers are really daredevils in disguise who come flying down on the opposite lane and expect everyone to pull off for them. When people tell me riding a motorcycle is dangerous, I ask them if they've ever taken a public bus!

Stopping by the Ayurveda College in Kottakkal, where I gave a short talk to a class.

I reached Kottakkal and stopped by the Ayurveda College there. My sister studied with a friend whose father is the principal of the college. He told me that it was a very old institute and will be celebrating its centenary in 2017. Ayurveda is a wonderful alternative to Western medicine and I'm glad to see so much interest in encouraging today's generation to become certified professionals. I was given a small tour around the college and gave an impromptu speech to a group of students.
Being served some delicious, crispy achappam on my arrival in Calicut (Kozhikode).

Enjoying some refreshing coconut water on the way to Calicut (Kozhikode).

I got back on the road and cooled off with some coconut water. It's so refreshing and perfect for getting some electrolytes back in my system. From there, it was a short ride into Calicut (Kozhikode) where I met up with my sister's friend.

Enjoy the helmet camera video. It's not for the faint of heart!

Distance clocked today: 189 km. Total: 1,544 km

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Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam district of Kerala is the second-largest and deepest wetland ecosystem in the state and a Ramsar site.
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Calicut, or Kozhikode, is Kerala's third-largest city and, historically, a major trading port for spices. Its links with Arabia, dating back to the 7th century or earlier, have inflected Kozhikode's culture, language and cuisine with distinctive flavour. The region's flavoursome biryani, known as Moplah Biryani, is among its most-feted dishes.
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New to Ayurveda? The ancient Indian system of medicine is alive and thriving in Kerala. With the tourism industry giving spas and Ayurvedic health resorts a big boost, rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages have become more accessible.
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