Jadeja’s chicken story

How Haryana's new captain-cum-coach is trying to inspire his team.

Jadeja during the game against Mumbai in Lahli. Haryana's new captain-cum-coach Ajay Jadeja has always been known as an intelligent and street-smart cricketer. On Tuesday, before the Haryana team went out to bowl against Mumbai, Jadeja, through a story, conveyed to his teammates what he expected from each one of them.

Jadeja told them a story of some friends who went for a meal and ordered 15 chickens.

"Each one ate one full chicken and their stomachs were full," said a team source.

"Later, the same set of friends went to eat together again but this time their leader said they would order one chicken at a time so that everyone could share it, and would order more once one is eaten." So, one by one, the order was placed continuously after each chicken was consumed.

"At some time, when everyone said he was full, the chickens were counted and it was discovered that 35 chickens were eaten," he said.

"Jadeja then told his teammates that in the same way he wanted each one to contribute to the game."


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