It’s time for the closing ceremony

The spot-fixing monsters have returned to the IPL and it’s a sinking feeling for me after having watched 43 days of adrenaline-felted performances on the cricket field.

Glitz, glamour, fours, sixers and finally now the three infamous fixers — this is the saddest twist which could have been lent to the billion-dollar event which has captivated global audience.

The cricket was gripping and there were innovations aplenty — but when you are told an international cricketer like Sreesanth has spot-fixed in the company of crooks like Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan, it’s nauseating.

It’s obvious these cricketers in colourful clothes decorated with so many commercial logos use their dark glasses, hand towels and even divine lockets not to aid their cricket but as a way of sending signals to the bookies!

None of these fixers spared a thought for fans who brave the dust, grime and sweat and go to venues from Jaipur to Bangalore and Kolkata to Mumbai.

Mind you, all this is at a decent price to pay for tickets.

The IPL party is over for me and the Indian cricket board must also shut shop after this May 26. Year after year, the scandals of IPL overshadow the cricket. We have been forgiving the dramatis personae and hoping the next season will be clean.

The problem with IPL cheats is their greed for money can never be satiated. Even the average cricketer in the IPL is paid money which you and I can’t dream of.

As BCCI boss N. Srinivasan and his cohorts cannot run clean cricket, the IPL must pack up. Fine, go ahead and have your final in Kolkata on May 26, where the winner has perhaps already been decided.

This charade of cricket being played with sincerity can never return to the IPL even as we watch the gods of cricket in action. It has been fascinating to watch someone like Rahul Dravid play such inspirational cricket for Rajasthan Royals, which has been shamed by the fixers.

It has been intoxicating to watch Chris Gayle hammer the bowlers to all parts of the field.

After all these highs, watching Sreesanth’s face appear repeatedly on the TV screen today makes my blood boil. We thought he is emotional and immature.

No, he is cunning and an incorrigible cheat who has shamed the Keralite community. Unless the IPL is shut down, there can be no normalcy in the lives of millions of people after this gigantic scandal.

Let’s go back to watching the ODIs, international T20s and Test cricket. Please, BCCI and each cricketer competing in the IPL, have mercy on us.


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