IPL must be shorter

Nearly 52% readers on Yahoo! Cricket said 55 days is too long.

The fans have voted: the IPL is too long. At 55 days and 76 matches, it’s bigger than most of us can digest. In the Yahoo! Cricket IPL Public Perception Survey, more than half our readers said the IPL ought to be shorter. Just under 40% said that it is of the right length.

There is a case for tightening the schedule of the summer tournament that has gotten bigger with each passing season. The 2012 edition was two games and three days longer than its predecessor — despite being one team short. The inaugural edition was 45 days long.

The situation breeds meaningless cricket, the kind that has little or no recall value. A week after the IPL had ended, nearly 4% of our readers couldn’t correctly recall the names of the four top teams. Some of them were fans of Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.

‘International cricket is better’

Despite a galaxy of international cricket stars participating in the IPL, 44% readers felt that its quality of cricket isn’t as good as traditional international cricket. Only 23% felt it is better than international cricket.

Nearly 57% said they would not want IPL teams to play more than four foreign players. But they also took a somewhat contradictory stand by agreeing that there should be a time window in the ICC cricket calendar for the IPL – a situation which would lead to a less-than-optimum utilisation of cricketers around the world who would be available exclusively for the IPL.

‘IPL has had a positive impact’

Two out of three readers believed there is spot-fixing and match-fixing happening in the IPL. About 57% believed Indian cricketers are also involved in the corruption. But these views didn’t prevent the readers from saying that the IPL has generally had a positive impact on Indian cricket.

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