Inside The Dark World Of Match Fixing

The Gods Of Gambling In India

Four syndicates have a vice-like grip on illegal betting

There are four syndicates in India, which have a monopoly on first-, second- and third-tier bookmakers. The live match betting odds are provided by Shobhan Mehta, the Mumbai-based bookie, to whom (Mumbai-based bookie) Parthiv and (his 'boss') Big G are connected. Jayanti Malad, (Nagpur-based bookie) Vinay's friend and the syndicate he sometimes sets the odds for, offers the pre-match betting odds. A third syndicate, known as the Shibu, offers just session betting (the brackets-runs in the first ten overs). Labu Delhi is Shibu's lead bookmaker. A fourth, and a 'rival' to Mehta's live odds, are the Nagpur syndicate, organised by a bookie called Jeetu Nagpur. Between them, the syndicates control the match odds, innings runs, brackets and lunch favourite market, the only betting markets available on the Indian system.


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