India spin trio will be a handful at Premadasa

India played a terrific combination and the master stroke was playing Piyush Chawla, Ganguly writes.

(Hindustan Times) At the end of the round-robin league, except for a few games it was boring. One does understand that the weaker teams need to get games, but to wait for about a week into the World Cup to get bigger games going could be a bit difficult for the paying public, and that could be a valid reason for the poor turnout in the early stages. Hopefully, that will change from now on.

The rain also played spoilsport in some of the games and I hope once the Super Eights start, rain will not push a strong team out.

The teams are divided into two groups and although in this format the difference between the teams is not much, India seem to be in a strong group. It is not fair that you don't carry points into the Super Eights because in a World Cup every game is important. It is unfortunate India's fantastic showing against England will have no bearing.


India played a terrific combination and the master stroke was playing Piyush Chawla. The England players looked like they had never played spin before and looking at them, I get a feeling that without Kevin Pietersen there will be early finishes in the Test matches in India.

Harbhajan and Piyush will hopefully be persisted with, and the addition of R Ashwin will make it a formidable trio, especially on the Premadasa pitch.

India are in a tough group comprising Australia, Pakistan and South Africa. They will have to play out of their skin to beat them. It is not impossible because India’s batting has looked solid and the bowling also climbed the ladder against England.

These teams were beaten by India in similar conditions in the knockout phase of the World Cup last year and India will carry that confidence with them.

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The writer is a former India skipper