India 'A' pacers deliver big win

Day 4, 1st Test: South Africa 'A' go down in a heap in the second innings.

Shami and Pandey ripped out the South African top order. (File photo)Ishwar Pandey and Mohammad Shami ran against the clock as they ripped through the South Africa ‘A’ line-up to deliver a thumping win for India ‘A’ in the first of the two unofficial Tests.

Asked to follow on by Cheteshwar Pujara, South Africa needed to get to 225 to make the Indians bat again. But they folded 13 short of the mark at the Olympia Park in Rustenburg, giving India ‘A’ an innings win.

There was about an hour left in the day’s play when the final wicket fell. It seemed a tall order for India to take 11 wickets on the final day, given the fair batting conditions. But Pandey delivered again, having taken four wickets in the first innings.

India ended the stubborn last-wicket partnership between Kyle Abbott and Andrew Birch this morning to finish South Africa’s first innings at 312. The duo batted close to an hour before Birch became Suresh Raina’s third wicket of the game.

Pujara asked the host team to follow on and put them under pressure straight away as Pandey and Shami struck with the new ball.

Rory Hendricks was bowled by Pandey in the first over. Shami then removed Dean Elgar and JP Duminy for a duck in one over, leaving the South Africans facing a quick defeat at 15-3.

Temba Bavuma made 65 after his first innings duck and was the eighth out as India continued to systematically dismantle the South African line-up.

Earlier in the game, India had amassed 582-9 in their only innings with hundreds from Pujara, Raina and Rohit Sharma. The second game of the series would be played in Pretoria from August 24.



S Dhawan c Hendricks b Harmer 11 (46B, 1X6)
M Vijay c Harmer b Birch  44 (115B, 6X4 1X6)
C Pujara b Parnell  140 (205B, 17X4)
R Sharma  c Bavuma b Duminy  119 (257B, 14X4, 2X6)
S Raina  b Parnell  135 (177B, 14X4 3X6)
A Rahane  c Rossouw b Duminy  10 (35B, 2X4)
W Saha  c Bavuma b Duminy  1 (12B)
I Pandey  b Parnell  35 (40B, 3X4, 2X6)
M Shami  c Bavuma b Elgar  2 (9B)
J Unadkat  not out  31 (37B, 2X4)
S Nadeem  not out  46 (50B, 3X4)

Extras (b-3, lb-2, nb-6) 11
Total (9 wickets dec, 163 overs) 582

FOW: 1-28 (Dhawan, 16.6 overs), 2-94 (Vijay, 37.4 overs), 3-270 (Pujara, 83.5 overs), 4-376 (Sharma, 118.6 overs), 5-412 (Rahane, 130.6 overs), 6-418 (Saha, 134.1 overs), 7-497 (Raina, 146.3 overs), 8-500 (Pandey, 148.3 overs), 9-500 (Mohammed Shami, 149.1 overs)

Bowling: K Abbott 30-11-86-0, W Parnell 33-12-93-3 (5nb), A Birch 33-8-100-1(1nb), S Harmer 37-3-155-1, JP Duminy 19-7-80-3, J Ontong 3-0-16-0, D Elgar 8-0-47-1.


R Hendricks  c Saha b Unadkat  10 (20B)
D Elgar  lbw b Shami  11 (33B)
S Harmer c Saha b Pandey  22 (61B, 1X4)
R Rossouw  lbw b Raina  57 (64B, 8X4, 2X6)
JP Duminy  c Saha b Raina  84  (222B, 9X4)
T Bavuma  c Raina b Nadeem  0 (10B)
J Ontong c Saha b Pandey  47 (82B, 7X4)
T Tsolekile  c Dhawan b Pandey  47 (75B, 6X4)
W Parnell  c & b Pandey  0 (1B)
K Abbott not out 33 (64B, 3X4)
A Birch lbw b Raina 18 (36B, 3X4)

Extras (b-3, lb-9, w-6, pen-10) 28

Total (all out, 111.2 overs) 357

FOW: 1-18 (Hendricks, 6.5 overs), 2-22 (Elgar, 11.2 overs), 3-94 (Harmer, 26.4 overs), 4-116 (Rossouw, 32.3 overs), 5-119 (Bavuma, 35.3 overs), 6-194 (Ontong, 64.3 overs), 7-280 (Tsolekile, 90.4 overs), 8-280 (Parnell, 90.5 overs), 9-312 (Duminy, 98.3 overs).

J Unadkat 21-6-53-1, M Shami 16-2-53-1, S Nadeem 32-5-115-1 (1w), I Pandey 19-6-46-4 (1w), S Raina 13.2-3-40-3, R Sharma 10-1-28-0.


RR Hendricks b Pandey 4 (3B, 1X4)
D Elgar lbw b Shami 3 (18B)
R Rossouw b Raina 34 (47B, 4X4)
JP  Duminy lbw b Shami 0 (3B)
T Bavuma c Pujara b Sharma 65 (138b, 6x4)
J Ontong b Shami 19 (17B, 3X4)
T Tsolekile b Pandey 23 (30B, 2X4)
W Parnell c Dhawan b Nadeem 10 (24B)
S Harmer not out 31 (74B, 3X4)
K Abbott c Saha b Sharma 14 (33B, 2X4)
A Birch b Pandey 4 (14B, 1X4)

Extras (b-1, lb-3, w-1) 5
Total (all out; 66.5 overs) 212

FOW: 1-4 (Hendricks, 0.3 overs), 2-15 (Elgar, 5.2 overs), 3-15 (Duminy, 5.5 overs), 4-60 (Rossouw, 19.3 overs), 5-93 (Ontong, 24.4 overs), 6-123 (Tsolekile, 34.1 overs), 7-140 (Parnell, 41.4 overs), 8-166 (Bavuma, 50.1 overs), 9-198 (Abbott, 60.6 overs), 10-212 (Birch, 66.5 overs)

I Pandey 9.5-2-25-3, M Shami 10-3-33-3, J Unadkat 10-1-27-0, S Raina 12-1-39-1, S Nadeem 17-2-65-1, R Sharma 8-3-19-2.