Iconic Moments: India vs Australia in Tests

Mankaded, the final frontier, Shoulder Before Wicket and many more.

Lele’s Prediction & A Shoulder Before Wicket [1999-2000]: You know things aren't going to go your way when the secretary of your own board predicts doomsday. That's what happened to the Sachin Tendulkar-led team. Then BCCI secretary Jaywant Lele had predicted a 3-0 defeat. He was spot on. India lost in Adelaide by 285 runs, in Melbourne by 180 runs and 141 runs in Sydney. One of the standout moments of the series was umpire Darryl Harder ruling Tendulkar out LBW to Glenn McGrath. Tendulkar ducked to a low delivery and was struck on the shoulder and it’s hard to say if it was going to hit the stumps. The dismissal caused an uproar. One redeeming factor for India was VVS Laxman's magnificent 167 in Sydney.


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