Iconic Moments: India vs Australia in Tests

Mankaded, the final frontier, Shoulder Before Wicket and many more.

Mankaded [1947]: On December 13Australia’s opening batsman Bill Brown became the first Test batsman to be run out for backing up too far at the non-striker’s end. Indian all-rounder Vinoo Mankad effected the run-out, and the mode of dismissal came to be known as ‘mankaded’. It has happened only six more times in international cricket.

Mankad had dismissed Brown in this manner earlier in a tour game too, but had offered the batsman a warning. In the Test match, no such courtesy was offered. The incident caused a minor controversy. The Aussie media termed Mankad’s act unsporting. Others such as Australia captain Don Bradman said Mankad was within his rights in doing it.

Australia took the series 4-0 with Bradman making 715 runs. One of India’s high points on the tour was Vijay Hazare’s 116 on Day 3 and 145 on Day 4.


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