Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Brides

A woman’s wedding day is undoubtedly the most memorable day of her life. And, she leaves no stone unturned to look her best on this day. After all, there is no other time when her looks so thoroughly scrutinised by so many. Along with your gorgeous lehenga and expensive jewellery, the way you style your hair is also carefully observed by the guests. You will find endless tips and advice on good hairstyles for your wedding day. But surprisingly, not many will stress on the importance of taking care of your hair, so that they look at their natural best on your wedding. So, here are some major causes of hair loss and tips on how you can combat them.
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Cause #1: Stress

Wedding days are usually lined with a lot of stress for a bride-to-be. Whether it is the tension related to planning or nervousness related to life changes, this stress can take a toll on your overall health. Stress is one of the major causes behind increased hair loss as well.

Solution: To relieve yourself of all tensions, try meditation or yoga. Take out some alone time to de-stress with a physical activity like walking, jogging or dancing. A simple head massage every night can also be a great way to relax and soothe your mind and hair. Use natural oils like coconut or amla on your hair.

Cause #2: Crash dieting

Since beauty is often equated with looking slim, many brides-to-be go on extreme crash diets (equivalent to fasting). This sudden nutritional deficiency can also be a major cause for hair loss.

Solution: If you really want to shed some weight before your wedding (without losing any hair), then go for a diet that consists of healthy food options combined with a fitness regime. Add more of carrots, oats, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, fish, eggs, and nuts like almonds and walnuts in your diet. (Also read on Fastest Way to Lose Weight with GM Diet)

Cause #3: Salon routines

Most brides-to-be try out many different styles and treatments on their hair before the wedding days. So, do not be surprised if you start losing your hair due to all the chemicals present in these treatments.

Solution: Whenever you go for any spa treatment or bridal makeup session, ensure that the stylist uses only organic and hypoallergenic products to avoid any adverse reactions to your skin or hair. Also, avoid using harsh colours or bleaches to hide your grey strands. You should use herbal henna instead.

Cause #4: Hair styling

If you make the same parting in your hair daily, or use equipments likes dryers, straightening or curling irons extensively, you will find extra strands of hair in your comb every day.

Solution: To avoid this, change your parting frequently. You should never pull your hair back tightly in a ponytail or braid. This damages the roots of the hair. Also, avoid subjecting your hair to extensive heat with the usage of dryer or straightening iron. If you have to use these, then put some heat protection serum on your hair first.

Cause #5: Relying on chemical products

Most brides think about going for over-the-counter products to tackle their hair problems, such as dandruff, hair thinning, etc. This is not good either for your pocket or for your hair roots.

Solution: To avoid this, always look for home remedies to tackle your hair problems. Whether it is getting rid of dandruff or fighting frizzy hair or rejuvenating damaged hair, there are many natural remedies for all these and more. So, research on internet (Read) or ask your grandmother for homemade solutions to fight your hair problems.


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