'Gazza was downing two litres of gin, 15 beer cans per day before being rushed to rehab'

London, Feb 13 (ANI): Paul Gascoigne's former roommate and friend Shane Abbott has made shocking revelations about England legend's alcohol addiction, claiming the footie ace was downing two litres of gin and 15 cans of Stella a day before he was rushed to a rehab clinic.

Abbott revealed how Gazza, who has been fighting for his life in a US hospital, was also taking up to 30 antidepressant Valium pills a day, the Daily Star reports.

Abbott, who was his flat mate until two weeks ago, added Gazza was sometimes so out of control during six months of madness that he was swallowing 10 at a time.

Gazza's friend, who lived with him in Boscombe, near Bournemouth, said the most alarming moment was when he caught the former England and Tottenham Hotspurs ace injecting cocaine, and he worriedly captured Gascoigne's descent into drug and booze hell in a shocking video that he showed him in a bid to make him stop, the paper reported.

In the film, Gazza holed up in his flat and is mumbling, groaning and close to tears.

Hunched over a table with a bowl in front of him, the star has his eyes closed and his shirt unbuttoned and he then starts banging his fist against his hand to try to wake himself up, the paper said.

When a friend tries to bring him round from his haze, he can be heard calling for a syringe in the video, the paper added.

Alcoholic Gazza is currently in intensive care in the US after he was sent to a rehab centre in Phoenix, Arizona, in a last-ditch bid to save his life.

Abbott said Gazza's drinking spiraled out of control, adding he was on two litres of gin every day, if not more and his fridge was packed full of bottles.

Abbott also revealed Gazza would keep drinking till he passed out, lying cold on the floor. (ANI)


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