Football fans eat unhealthy and fattier meals after team's defeat

Washington, Sept 22 (ANI): A new study has found that football fans ate fattier meals the day after their teams lost a game, while the supporters of winning teams, by contrast, eat lighter food and in moderation.

After a defeat, the researchers found that saturated fat consumption went up by 16 percent, while after a victory it decreased by 9 percent, the National Public Radio reported.

Pierre Chandon, a professor of marketing at the business school INSEAD in France said that people eat better after a victory, and eat a lot worse after a defeat.

In many ways, the research fits with what we already know about the psychology of eating.

When many of us feel miserable, we'll down a big bag of candy.

Call it a form of self-medication - when your happiness levels are low, junk food and high-calorie food provide the brain with much-needed pleasure.

Chandon and his co-author Yann Cornil, also at INSEAD, find the same thing happening with sports defeats.

They tracked the eating behavior of people in cities with NFL teams and measured how eating changed after victories and defeats.

It wasn't just about eating saturated fats, either. Overall calorie consumption went up by 10 percent after losses, and down by 5 percent after wins.

After a loss, people in those cities eat 28 percent more saturated fat. A win swayed them over to eat 16 percent less saturated fat. (ANI)


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