Federal Twitter accounts too go offline over US govt. shutdown

Washington, Oct. 2 (ANI): After the official websites of some of the major federal agencies went down, their Twitter accounts flashed similar messages following the partial US government shutdown.

As some of the offices are totally shutdown, the employees of the federal organizations who manage their social media accounts are also not working and thus, no updates can be expected from the accounts, till the shutdown is lifted.

According to ABC News, agencies which tweeted about their plans to shut their Twitter accounts include, the NASA's official account, which tweeted that due to the government shutdown, all public NASA activities/events are cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Other Twitter accounts of federal organizations include the US Capitol, the Statue of Liberty, which is one of the federal tourist attractions, the National Zoo, the LBJ Library, the FAA Safety Briefing and the National Science Foundation which will be reducing its workforce from roughly 2,000 to just 30 over the shutdown, the report added. (ANI)


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