Fashion Week held in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Aug 8 (IANS/EFE) Designers are showing off creations that fuse art and clothing at Buenos Aires Fashion Week, or Bafweek, a four-day event that has brought renowned design houses, emerging designers and new talent to Argentina's capital.

Bafweek is a venue for showcasing designs for the next Southern Hemisphere spring-summer season.

Artists and designers have joined forces to offer collections that merge their fields, creating unusual garments that tell a story via fashion.

Paper leaps from the design table to the garment itself, producing garments and accessories for those seeking a new look at Bafweek, which runs until Friday.

Fashion house Josephine inaugurated Bafweek with a show that featured metallic colours for urban women of all ages.

AU designer Andrea Urquizu followed with a collection made from light textiles and emphasizing hats.

"I always try to experiment, (and) this season I was inspired by the seventies, not by a Bohemian or hippie look, but by rock, the world of nightlife, that is something I find interesting and attractive, something that really defines my work," Urquizu told EFE.

Swatch, presenting an exclusive show, and Buenos Aires-based Kostüme, which will unveil a collection for men and woman based on functional and streamlined designs, will close Bafweek.




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