All the facts and figures on China’s smartphone users in 2013 (INFOGRAPHIC)

China looks set to snap up over 350 million new smartphones this year. So what brands are Chinese people buying? How much do they spend on 3G? Who are these people exactly? What OSes do they prefer?

Thankfully all those answers – and more – are in this new infographic made by the Go-Globe team. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 175 million smartphones were sold in China in 2012. That means the number is set to double in 2013.

  • Samsung is the market leader in China.

  • A mere 4.5 percent of China’s smartphones cost over RMB 4,000, which is $655.

  • Android is far and away the top OS. Indeed, some estimates say China has 300 million active Android users this year.

  • Chinese consumers are frugal when it comes to spending on 3G data. Very.

Here’s the full infographic:

All the facts and figures on China's smartphone users in 2013 (INFOGRAPHIC)

(Source: Go-Globe; Image credit: CC-licensed image by Flickr user Meng Tian)

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(Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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