The extreme sports playlist

The extreme sports playlistThe extreme sports playlist

Beastie Boys, Sabotage

Kick off your playlist with this hard-hitting, fast paced, screamer of a song and you’ll be instantly pumped up for your extreme sport. The raw anger and energy of Sabotage can make even the most reluctant person want to get out there.

Vaccines, Norgaard

Upbeat, loud and exciting, Norgaard by the Vaccines has everything you need in a song that’s going to sit on your extreme sports playlist. Interestingly, this energetic song was written about the Danish model Amanda Norgaard, whom The Vaccines’ lead singer, Justin, supposedly went on a double date with once.

Buzzcocks, Ever Fallen In Love

This legendary punk song is well suited to extreme sports because both the song and the sports make you feel alive, unconquerable and strangely free. If you haven’t listened to the genius of the Buzzcocks in a while it’s time to dust off that record or re-download a few of the classics and reacquaint yourself with this timeless band.  

Kasabian, Clubfoot

Listening to Kasabian’s Clubfoot track feels like plunging your head into a bucket of ice-cold water, in that it aggressively wakes you up and makes you want to rise to any challenge.  This is the perfect song if you don’t feel 100 per cent motivated to perform and is the perfect song for your extreme sports playlist.

The Source Featuring Candi Station, You’ve Got The Love  

This 1986 disco hit is far softer than the punkie, thrash songs we’ve covered so far and moves our extreme sports playlist into a more uplifting, euphoric direction that will make you feel unbeatable. This track will also spur you on to achieve some incredible performances. Depending on your age and your taste you might prefer Florence and The Machine’s version of this song.

Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock, It Takes Two 

Okay, we have full on moved into the realm of cheesy music, but this feel good hit will help you forget the pain and the strain you’re putting your body through and will instead help you to focus on your bigger goal. We challenge you not to smile whilst you listen to this tune.

Martin Solveig and Dragonette, Hello 

No matter what time of the year you listen to this song by Martin Solveig and Dragonette you’re reminded of summer and all of the happy feelings that go with it. No matter how much pain you are going through at this stage of your extreme sports session you’ll be able to power through if you listen to this high tempo hit. 

5, 6, 7, 8s, Woo Hoo

We’re back to the punchy, punkie rhythms now with this unbeatably good song by the 5, 6 7, 8s, which was bought to everyone’s attention by Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill. Originally this track was a surf song from the 1960s, but the Japanese girl band has given their cover version a decidedly different feel and this tune is aggressive and in your face. Surprisingly though, the song remains upbeat and the war-cry-like lyrics are incredibly catchy.  

Queens of the Stone Age, Burn The Witch 

This slightly creepy song contains everything you need to push you on when you’re in the midst of your extreme sports session – speed, aggression and a beat that builds and whips you up into a frenzy. Add this Queens of the Stone Age classic to your extreme sports playlist and you’ll get the results you were looking for.  

Nina Simone, Feeling Good

As the title suggests, Nina Simone’s powerful song will leave you feeling good as your extreme sports session begins to draw to its end. Although slower than the other tracks, the images conjured and the forceful momentum of the song will push you on to reach your limits and will help you to end your session on a high. 

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