Experts Talk about the 5 Hottest Wedding Cuisine Trends

A Café Coffee Day or Dominos logo had nothing to do with a wedding, just a few years ago. But, things have changed now! Wedding catering business is baking a hot story with new trends every season! From branded stalls and live stations to unique presentation styles– food served at Indian weddings has dramatically changed. We talk to some experts from the hospitality industry to tell you the latest trends that are cooking at big fat Indian weddings this season.

Presenting in style

Presentation is the key word. And we are not talking just about the food here. Wedding tables now don a lush look with stylish centrepieces and fine linen. After that comes the exquisite cutlery. Says Sreenivasan G, Executive Chef, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, “The way food is served to guests is as important as the quality of food. At our hotel, we use creative utensils like porcelain spoons, mini cast iron skillets, shot glasses, miniature cups and unique forks.”

Affirms Sahil Arora, executive chef, Jaipur Marriott Hotel, “The buffet layouts are done in a very chic manner; the equipment used for the buffet is state-of-the-art. Also, live counters are in vogue these days with fresh produce to give a look and feel of ‘farm to table’.”

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Brand It!

From local brands like Haldiram's and BTW (Bitoo Tikki Wala) to multinational chains like Domino’s and Costa Coffee– all are making the big fat extravaganza even bigger! These add to the opulence and make it look stylish. These, of course, don’t come cheap. Reportedly, you need to shell out Rs 5-8 lakh for one evening to treat your guests with premium American ice-cream Haagen-Dazs.

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Specialty cuisine

What will you pick: pizza from Pino’s or authentic food from temples of India or Lebanese perhaps? The choices are aplenty, each being a specialty. Brazilian, Spanish, Cantonese– hosts are getting extremely specific in their demands.

“Being discerning travellers, people these days are aware of international cuisines and believe in exploring possibilities when it comes to food and do not limit themselves to traditional food choices,” says Sahil Arora. To meet the demands, hotels have expert chefs while wedding planners can get you Michelin-star chefs too if ‘lavish’ is the buzzword for your wedding day.  

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Go Green

Keeping in mind the health conscious friends and relatives (or trying to promote healthy lifestyle!), hosts are choosing to go green at weddings. “There has been a remarkable switch to vegetarian food. The change in the global opinion about the food has a lot to do with it. Organic produce has come in and the introduction of soya and its products have given a lot of different options to the chefs as well as the guests,” says Sreenivasan G.

So Sweet!

Nothing beats traditional Indian desserts like jalebi, malpua, rasmalai and halwa. But if you are a fan of cakes and puddings then sweat not. Cupcakes and bite-sized desserts are hot trends this wedding season. “Counters such as chocolate fondues, crepe bar, Gelato Bar and flambés are a great attraction,” says Sreenivasan G. Agrees Sahil, “Miniature portions of desserts presented individually are in vogue. Also, candy floss and marsh mellows are taking the centre stage.”

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Food is an essential part of any festivity, especially at weddings and events. The taste of quality food lingers on for long, even much after the celebrations are over. While host of choices appear elegant, remember simple but delicious food can make its mark too!


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