Expert Tips for a Clean Body

To stay protected, it is important to keep our body clean from outside and as well as from inside. Here, are some of the expert tips for a clean body.

Are you enjoying how the trees are changing colours, the air is much cooler, and it is night before we know it? But, are you aware that how the change in weather brings along viruses which affect our immune system? To stay protected, it is vital to keep our body clean from outside and as well as from inside.

Beautiful Basics

Bathe and shampoo regularly. Never ignore bathing due to hectic work schedules or laziness. Not only can this make you look less fresh, but also can cause skin illnesses which are tough to cope afterwards. Using a simple soap or indulging in a salt-water bath does wonders to our skin. Women may also consider the use of essential oils for better body care and emotional well being.

Happy Hands

Our hands are the most used part, from pressing the lift button to emptying trashcans. Hence, an effective way to stay healthy is to keep our hands clean. Washing your hands with soap before and after every meal, and after the use of toilet is a must practice. This also needs to be supplemented with well-trimmed nails. Keep a hand sanitizer handy for the times when washing hands is not feasible.

Foot Loose
Not many people realize this but maintaining foot hygiene is very important. Wash your feet to free it from any scrap. Indulge in proper shoe care by dusting them with baby powder or keeping them in the open between wearings. Change socks everyday. Wash your feet every night before going to bed. Proper washing of feet and daily changing of socks will prevent any foot odour from developing.

Hair Everywhere
This is for both men and women. Do not allow overgrowth of hair in places they do not belong such as ears and nose. If women feel that they have too much hair on the brows or in the lip area, they should seek professional help in form of waxing or threading. They may also consider visiting a salon for underarms and bikini wax.

Sparkling Smile
Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day and clean your tongue as well. If you are planning to go for a business meeting, consider a mouth spray or a mint before the meeting, just to be sure. The best way to prevent bad breath is get your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year by a dentist and brush daily as recommended above.

Diet Smart
Healthy eating includes eating salads, fresh ingredients, less animal fat and fried stuff oil. Make sure you chew your food slowly and reduce fatty items from your diet. Go on a salt-free diet after 7 p.m. to detox your body. Supplement good food with working out. Yoga, Pilates, Gym or Swim is sure to relax your body and mind equally, if practiced religiously. Being healthy means less sickness and fewer germs to spread.

Staying healthy is not about depriving yourself of fun or following any strict nutrition philosophies. But, what genuinely matters is simplifying our lifestyle by following good personal habits at all times.

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