Do you have an ex-box?

Cosmo chats with three women who are holding on to mementos from past relationships, and they tell us why...

If you're secretly holding on to a photo of an ex after a breakup, you're not alone. A recent survey by Friends Reunited in the UK found that over 43 percent of women keep hard copies of their ex's pictures. In fact, a majority of us have similar memories packed away in an 'ex box' at the bottom of the cupboard. And it isn't just photographs, it could be all sorts of memorabilia like cinema tickets, dead flowers, and teenage journals! Good thing, because studies have found that remembering the past helps improve moods and increases self-esteem, and as psychologist Clay Routledge suggests, nostalgia is a 'good psychological medicine'.

Shruti Bhardwaj, 21
"It doesn't mean I still have feelings for my ex..."
"I've got a plastic piggy bank that an ex gave me because I was bad at saving money, and he knew I wanted to, for a college trip. Then there are little knick knacks from all over the world, like bracelets and key chains-most of my exes travelled a lot. I've also have a journal I used to write in high school, chronicling my 'crushes'. These things are a big part of who I am today, and keeping them doesn't mean I'm still in love with the people who gave them to me."

Akriti Narula, 26
"I don't see why I should throw away some of my best memories."

"My friends have often asked me why I still keep that box filled with cards, bracelets, dried flowers, and an old-school camera, under lock and key at the back of my cupboard. I've asked myself the same thing and my logic is this: these were great memories created with someone I once cared for deeply. It's a part of who I am. We're still friends, and that hasn't stopped me for continuing my search for Prince Charming."

Swati Talwar, 23
"It helps me remember how far I've come, and how strong I am."

"I've got this box of stuff that's kept hidden and out-of-sight, under my bed. It's full of cards, love letters, and even some make-up, that I've held on to over the years. I was in a serious relationship for three years, and it was a painful break-up. I guess, holding on to these memories reminds me of what I've been through-and survived. I don't go through the contents often, but when I do, I just feel confident about the future...and finding my perfect match!"