English Premier League standings

London, Oct 27 (IANS) Arsenal's victory over Crystal Palace helped them maintain their two-point lead over Liverpool in the English Premier League standings.

The following are the top 10 standings after Saturday's matches (tabulated under matches played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, against and points):

Arsenal 9-7-1-1-20-9-22

Liverpool 9-6-2-1-17-8-20

Southampton 9-5-3-1-10-3-18

Everton 9-5-3-1-14-10-18

Chelsea 8-5-2-1-14-5-17

Manchester City 8-5-1-2-20-9-16

Tottenham 8-5-1-2-8-5-16

Manchester Utd 9-4-2-3-14-12-14

Hull City 8-3-2-3-7-9-11

Newcastle United 8-3-2-3-11-14-11

Swansea 8-3-1-4-12-11-10

West Brom 9-2-4-3-8-10-10

Aston Villa 9-3-1-5-9-12-10

Fulham 9-3-1-5-9-12-10

Cardiff City 9-2-3-4-8-13-9

West Ham 8-2-2-4-8-8-8

Stoke City 9-2-2-5-6-10-8

Norwich City 9-2-2-5-6-13-8

Crystal Palace 9-1-0-8-6-19-3

Sunderland 8-0-1-7-5-20-1


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