Duchess Kate gifted condoms by Finnish government

London, July 3(ANI): The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been gifted condoms by the Finnish government to mark the royal baby.

The bizarre present features in a box of goodies that was presented to William and Kate by the Finnish social security service, Kela, the Mirror reported.

Also in the baby box were a snowsuit, leggings, colourful romper suits, a hooded bath towel, hairbrush, nappy cream and a teething toy.

Other items included bra pads, a picture book and muslin squares to help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cope with the initial few weeks with their first child.

The contents came in a package that is intended to double up as a crib.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said that they were delighted to receive the kind gift of the maternity package from the Finnish government.

He added that it was a thoughtful gesture and the Duke and Duchess would surely be interested to see the contents.

The baby box is given to all expectant mothers in Finland as a starter kit and is credited with keeping infant mortality rates low in the country. (ANI)