Don’t hound my son: Sachin Tendulkar

Arjun and Sachin Tendulkar at an IPL game.

Mumbai: Sachin Tendulkar has asked the media to leave his son alone, and allow him to play the game without any pressure.

"My son has played a match today. First club match, an official match. He is passionate, he is madly in love with cricket. But the other things that go around the cricketer and not just the on-field activity but whatever he gets to hear or gets to read or the way it gets projected, I would appreciate if everyone allows him to be himself and to have his own identity and enjoy his cricket above all," Tendulkar said at a meeting arranged by the Sports Journalists' Association of Mumbai.

"At no stage of my life, there were comparisons. He (Arjun) started his career, so it is a humble request if he can live his life like a normal 14-year-old, without thinking about anything else except falling in love with this sport," he added.

Tendulkar was being felicitated by the Sports Journalists’ Association of Mumbai for scoring 100 international centuries.

Arjun Tendulkar made his Kanga League debut for the Young Parsee Cricket Club on Sunday. He made one run off 12 deliveries and took a wicket. Needless to say there was a lot of attention. Something his father wasn’t very comfortable with.