Does global warming cause asteroids to fall?

Washington, February 12 (ANI): The effects of global warming may stretch far beyond Earth and reach meteorites millions of miles away in space-at least according to one CNN anchor.

CNN's Deborah Feyerick asked Bill "The Science Guy" Nye, head of the Planetary Society, whether an asteroid is an effect of global warming, or is just some meteoric occasion.

Feyerick, who had earlier quizzed Nye about the possible link between global warming and the weekend snowstorm, was actually referring to Asteroid 2012 DA14, which will whiz within 17,000 miles or so of Earth on Feb 15.

Nye's answer to the spaced-out question was 'no' before he added, "except it's all science. The word meteorology and the word meteor come from the same root, so, uhh"

Several of Nye's fellow scientists were less diplomatic.

"Nye was good enough to respond with what sounded like a non-sequitur instead of saying, 'No, dummy,'" noted Popular Science's website.

Most asteroids are leftovers from the formation of our solar system about 4.6 billion years ago, noted, making it impossible for it or anything else hurtling through space to be affected by changes in Earth's atmosphere. (ANI)


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