Dhoni takes dig at ex-cricketers turned commentators

Kolkata: Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has been criticised by some former Indian cricketers about his demand for rank turners, Tuesday took a dig at his critics saying he was not bothered.

"I don't have a platform like them. I am not on TV assessing neither do I write columns," said Dhoni when asked to comment about former players criticising him.

"Criticism is a big part and parcel of the game, especially in Indian cricket. You get a lot of support when you perform well. But the same people run you down when you do not do well," he said.

"I am not bothered by what is being said," added Dhoni.

On if he was under pressure as captain, Dhoni said he preferred walking the middle path and not getting swayed either by adulation or criticism.

"It goes either ways. Leading the side for the last three or four years you get in a situation to handle pressure. The good thing is you see both sides of the coin. With every game emotions flow."

"When team does well, you get appreciated and should also take criticism when you don't do well. The important thing is you learn to walk the middle path," added Dhoni.

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