Jay Kannaiyan and sanDRina - Jammin thru India

Day 16 - Mumbai to Nashik on NH 3

Hitting a nice one-way highway, Jay makes good time towards Nashik

A panorama of the tasty curves on NH 3.

I was warned by many people that getting out of Mumbai would be excruciating but I got a route that connected the Western Expressway to the Eastern Expressway and then I was on my way to Nashik. The traffic thinned out and the ride was enjoyable. The highway went from an 8-lane to a 6-lane and finally to a nice 4-lane highway all the way into Nashik. As the road climbed up and over the ghats, in one section the highway split and I couldn't see the oncoming lane, so both the lanes in front of me were for just for sanDRina and we railed through those curves. 
Riding NH 3 all the way from Mumbai to Agra, via Nashik, Indore, Bhopal and Khajuraho.

I stopped at the summit and enjoyed the view down to the plains and watched as a cargo train emerged from a tunnel and crossed a bridge. I reflected on the fact that now I was well and truly heading into new territory. Before this, my exposure to North India was a short trip to Mumbai and a day visit to Delhi. So, every place from here on is a new experience in an old country, my country. 
Enjoying the view from the ghats on the way to Nashik.

I reached Nashik and stayed the night with Mahesh, a contact through my father as he distributes organic farm products to the vineyards in the region.   

Watch the video of Jay's ride through NH3 to Nashik


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Celebrating with biker friends over champagne at Khan Market.
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The Man. The Machine. The Story

There are love stories and love stories, but none tugs more at the heart than a tale of infinite departure. In March 2010, Jay Kannaiyan and sanDRina, his beloved Suzuki DR650, left on a great journey back home to India. Jay quit his secure corporate job, sold his Chicago townhouse and every household possession, and left with sanDRina on a journey that saw them through 94,933 km, 32 countries, and 1,150 days on the road through the Global South -- from the USA through Latin America and Africa, heading towards India. At the core of this seemingly mindless pursuit was Jay’s desire to raise awareness about sustainability and a unique sentiment best described by an archaic Greek term, eudaimonia – the search for things that are true, good and beautiful. 

Homecoming isn’t complete unless you experience the country you call home in all her varied terrain and temperaments. And so Jay and sanDRina will embark on a journey of discovery through India. 

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