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Day 11 - Killing time softly in Vagator, Goa

There's a whole lot of precious nothing to do in Vagator, and it's all time well spent for Jay

Fresh crabs at the fish market in Chapora, Goa.

Another day off in the relaxed village of Vagator. I'm staying with the parents of a Kodai classmate who recently moved to Vagator. Another old school teacher, Mr Sagar, is also visiting them and Sagar and I went for a nice walk through the village of Chapora. We saw the morning catch on display, which ranged from small flat fish and prawns to huge crabs.

Chapora Fort at the mouth of the Chapora River, near Vagator, Goa.

Fishing boats anchored near the jetty at Chapora with a cross to welcome them home.

The walk was peaceful as the village was yet to open up all its various shops. We walked past crumbling homes and others kept in good condition, all surrounded by tall trees. At the end of the road was the fishing jetty where the Chapora River empties into the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. We took a bath in the ocean and dried off on our way back.
A sleepy cat at a fruit stand in Chapora, probably eyeing the fish across the street.
After a refreshing chickoo (sapota) juice from Ganesh Juice Bar, I went back to long discussions with Baba Ramji, my classmate's father, who re-educated me on the foundations of Hinduism with sidetracks to cover Siddhartha and Mahavira.

A majestic banyan tree in Chapora.

Watch the video postcard from Vagator

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Besides being a favourite haunt of those who love to take it easy, Goa has also hosted several editions of the high-energy Sunburn music festival, a mecca for lovers of electronic dance music.

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Tourists at the Sunburn 2011 Electronic Dance Music festival stop to refuel at a bar
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